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...a look at the things we're taking inspiration from at the moment.

Cabinets & Wall Units

Storage creates order

Minimalism requires cupboards! Cabinets now are so much more, offering the opportunity to add atmospheric lighting, enhance display of some favourite art, or just to keep books in order, the choices are limitless


Beauty is in the details

Finishing touches create colour, personality, add softness & depth to a room, even a scent - we have an ever changing collection.


Your personal sanctuary

The bedroom should be your personal sanctuary, a selfish area just for you - let’s create it

Dining Room

Where good times and great memories are had

The dining table is a fixture of the home, a place for special occasions or intimate evenings.


No part of your room should be neglected

The technological advances being made in lighting at the moment are staggering, LED has opened up a huge amount of creative possibilities. Ceiling, wall, floor and table no part of your room should be neglected.


Helping you choose the perfect sofa

Formal or informal, soft or hard, fabric or leather, corner group or sofas Everybody is different - we treat you as such, the choices are huge.


A chair just for you

A chair is for a person. Your chair. It fits you, it’s your colour, it’s design reflects your personality. While a sofa has to compromise to suit two or three people a chair is just for you. Come try some out.

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